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It's a Conspiracy!

Welcome to the Podcast Page for “It’s a conspiracy!”. This podcast aims to lay out the beliefs behind selected conspiracy theories, alternative accounts, legends, myths and more. We will do our best to explain these without offering opinions on validity, accuracy, etc until the end of each episode where we will give a brief opinion or comment on each.

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Nov 28, 2019

It's A Conspiracy!

It's a Chicken Surprise Adventure episode! We've been waiting for this one. Charlie Scream's MONSTER OF THE WEEK! introduces us to Mike the Headless Chicken.

This episode was recorded live at Northern Chicken.

It's a Conspiracy! is proud to be a part of the Albert Podcast Network:

Chicken Surprise Adventure

Jason's Music Video for Electric Audrey 2 - Chicken Lover.

Does KFC Use Mutant Chickens?

Chick-fil-A: Canes Win, You Win.

11 Facts About Buffalo Wings You Probably Didn’t Know.

Buffalo wing Wikipedia.

Chicken lollipop Wikipedia.

Charlie Scream’s MONSTER OF THE WEEK!

Mike the Headless Chicken aka: Miracle Mike

Mike the Headless Chicken Wiki.

The chicken that lived for 18 months without a head.

Miracle Mike Cryptids Wiki.

What Are We Drinking?

We're drinking Simple Pleasures from Cabin Brewing Company.



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