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It's a Conspiracy!

Welcome to the Podcast Page for “It’s a conspiracy!”. This podcast aims to lay out the beliefs behind selected conspiracy theories, alternative accounts, legends, myths and more. We will do our best to explain these without offering opinions on validity, accuracy, etc until the end of each episode where we will give a brief opinion or comment on each.

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Aug 1, 2019

It's A Conspiracy!

Andrew meets up with Stew Kirkwood on location at Sound Extractor to give you the Backmasking Special! They discuss the Beatles, Jeff Lynne, Aleister Crowley, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Queen, Venom, Jimi Hendrix, the subconscious, and Analogue Brewing. Neat!

A guide to Pierre Schaeffer, the godfather of sampling.
Stairway to Heaven forwards and backwards
Another one bites the dust forwards and backwards
Empty Spaces Pink Floyd Hidden Message
Syd Barrett - Official Website
The Beatles - Free as a Bird
Backmasking on purpose - List of Messages
Jeff Lynne - Unmasking Backmasking
Backmasking of Songs: Psychology & Examples
Mind controlling the masses with The Beatles – The Winged Beatle
Third Stone From The Sun - Jimi Hendrix Sped Up 78rpm
Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates
Charles Manson: How Cult Leader’s Twisted Beatles Obsession Inspired Family Murders
What are we drinking?
Analog Brewing - Ready Paler One

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