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It's a Conspiracy!

Welcome to the Podcast Page for “It’s a conspiracy!”. This podcast aims to lay out the beliefs behind selected conspiracy theories, alternative accounts, legends, myths and more. We will do our best to explain these without offering opinions on validity, accuracy, etc until the end of each episode where we will give a brief opinion or comment on each.

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Jun 1, 2020

It's A Conspiracy!

Here we are, back again with a new bunch of Fun-spiracies. This time we are talking Are Germs Real?, Mandela Minute: CERN and Hidden Parallel Universes, and Mark Zuckerborg is (or was) a robot. If Andrew was a borg he'd be called Lo-cute-ass.

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Are Germs Real?

The Patient At Risk: Ever Hear of Germ Theory Denialism?

Attempts to prevent illness and disease.

'Germs are not a real thing': Fox News host says he hasn't washed hands in 10 years.

Semmelweis' Germ Theory.

Mandela Minute

The Mandela Effect: CERN and Hidden, Parallel Universes.

These are Neutrino Greg!

These are Neutrinos Greg.

Mark Zuckerborg is (or was) a robot.

2 Days, 10 Hours, 600 Questions: What Happened When Mark Zuckerberg Went to Washington.

Curb your Zuckerberg.

'Mark Zuckerberg is a Robot' Memes Will Make You Cry Lol.

People Are Wondering If Mark Zuckerberg Is Actually A Robot.



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